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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning masterclass.

I’m sure you’ll agree, never has there been a more divisive, contentious and hotly debated topic in technology than Artificial intelligence.
This seems to be the point where technology is reaching out and touching us, both figuratively and literally. It is entering into those spaces where we as humans once comfortably dwelt alone. AI systems are forcing us to ask existential questions of us. Not only what their role might be in our future, but also questions about what our own purpose will be as humans. We are being forced to question what our own unique contribution might be in a future society where machines will take over many of the tasks that we currently carry out.
AI is one of the defining memes of the digital generation. And people in every stratum of our society are more than happy to weigh in about this particular topic. From a supermarket cashier to the driver of a taxi. From the high school student to Goliaths such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. We all seemingly have something to say on the topic of AI. It’s a topic that is considered important enough to be discussed by world leaders at the Davos Summit no less, with round table discussions covering areas from the disruption AI will bring to the workforce, to the need for ethical frameworks within the code. It’s important that we chart our course very carefully into a world succumb to the inexorable rise of AI.
During this course, we will take a look at everything from how it all began to the principals behind how you teach a car to drive by itself as it itself was a sentient being on the road. We’ll begin to appreciate AI systems like IBMs Watson, and deep mind – systems that are competing against humans in our own spheres of expertise… And of course, by competing, I mean annihilating.
We will explore how the workplace and traditional roles will be disruptive. And not just robots entering the blue-collar workspace but more astonishingly how the disruption of white-collar will blindside the next-generation workplace. How Law companies are utilizing AI systems that have shown themselves capable of carrying out the done by two fully qualified Lawyers and their team of half a dozen paralegal staff. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, how a machine learning AI system can carry out the equivalent of six months research by this team in a matter of … 30 minutes.
We will take a glimpse at the algorithms that empower AI systems such as Google’s AlphaGo to upend centuries of intellectual prowess. We’ll explore how in a matter of 3 years it has managed to not only learn the game of Go – a game that has been universally declared as the most complex game ever invented by humans. Not only learn it, but master it, and go on to beat the best player in the world at a competitive level, with a move that has never ever been played in the history of mankind.
There really is no more exciting topic than this in IT. And it’s no longer the stuff of fiction. Every single sector is looking at its own internal processes and asking where the AI effect will bite first. As recruiters, it’s important to be ahead of the curve when it kicks in fully.
Let’s dive into this amazing area of Artificial Intelligence.
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Section 1Modules
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Intelligence, real and artificial
Lecture 3The Turing Test
Lecture 4Three categories of AI
Lecture 5Teaching machines how to learn
Lecture 6Supervised and unsupervised ML
Lecture 7The beauty of algorithms
Lecture 8How ML Engineers use algorithms
Lecture 9K-Means clustering and Netflix
Lecture 10Introduction to Deep Learning
Lecture 11Neural networks and AI
Lecture 12The road to Super-intelligence
Lecture 13Artificial neurons and the AI brain
Lecture 14Role of a Machine Learning Engineer
Lecture 15Understanding data sources and data sets
Lecture 16How they use Kaggle
Lecture 17CV of a Machine Learning expert
Lecture 18Will I lose my job to AI?
Lecture 19AI disruption in Law and Medicine
Lecture 20IBM Watson in action
Lecture 21Why we are afraid
Lecture 22And now the end is near
Lecture 23When an AI paints a picture
Lecture 24Certification

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