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Recruiting Big Data and Business Intelligence Specialists Masterclass

In today’s global economy, it’s as valuable a commodity as gold, platinum, or oil. It engulfs you while you’re at work or at home. It is the seminal essence at the core of modern society, and in its many and varied forms, it cascades through the fibre optics that make up the digital nervous systems of our planet. Data zips around us surreptitiously day and night through the very air we breathe. As a society, we are so completely hooked on data.
Big data usage goes way beyond the traditional. It can give you answers to questions we hadn’t even thought of asking yet. Big data can add credence to our put to rest our hunches and hypotheses. Big data is set to inspire a whole new generation to create innovations in the world around us.
This is the masterclass on data, structured and raw, database technologies, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Data analysis and Data Science. If you’re involved in recruiting anything to do with data – you’re in the right place. Let’s go!
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Section 1Modules
Lecture 4When the data points the way
Lecture 5Big data creates the expertise
Lecture 7Scale, size and sources of Big Data
Lecture 8The CRISP methodology of data warehousing
Lecture 9The four layers of Business Intelligence design
Lecture 10BI and Big Data terminology on CVs
Lecture 11Understanding OLTP and OLAP
Lecture 12Cubes and hypercubes
Lecture 14Introducing the players in BI
Lecture 15IBM Cognos and how it’s used
Lecture 16Oracle Hyperion and its features
Lecture 17SAP Business Objects, and Hana
Lecture 18Microsoft in the BI market
Lecture 19Visualization tools in Business Intelligence
Lecture 20Tableau, SAS, Qlikview and Microstrategy
Lecture 21Languages and programming in BI
Lecture 22R and Python as used in BI
Lecture 23Hadoop and its associated product
Lecture 24Casandra, Splunk and Spark in BI
Lecture 25Test
Lecture 26Certification