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Welcome to Blockchain Recruitment

Undoubtedly one of the most talked-about technology concepts of the last couple of years has been Blockchain. Currently, It is still difficult, amidst the overblown Hyperbole, to separate pragmatic truth from fanciful thinking. Blockchain has been described as everything from the technology that will revolutionize the world economy to the biggest thing since the invention of the Internet. Although I suspect we have a number of other contenders for that crown – including Quantum Computing and 3D printing.
Are we truly heading into the dawn of a completely new way of storing data, and rethinking our relationship with currency and wealth, or are we setting ourselves up for a new tech bubble that will implode under the weight of its own overblown promises?
In this course, we ask the questions as to why this technology was needed, how the problems were solved, and what the modern-day Blockchain professional gets involved in.




Section 1Modules
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2The Digitisation of Trust
Lecture 3The Legacy of Centralised Systems
Lecture 4Understanding Cryptography and Encryption
Lecture 5What Satoshi Nakamoto Created
Lecture 6How Blockchain works
Lecture 7Digital Currencies
Lecture 8Bitcoin and how it works
Lecture 9Other currencies and platforms
Lecture 10Developing for Bitcoin and Ethereum
Lecture 11Terms to look for on CVs
Lecture 12Hyperledger and the Private Blockchain
Lecture 13The roles within blockchain
Lecture 14Blockchain as a disruptor across industries
Lecture 15The strengths and weaknesses of Blockchain

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