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Recruiting Network and Infrastructure Roles

Ok let’s get it out of the way from the very start. Networking CVs can often be amongst the most mind-numbingly long-winded documents you’ll come across in IT recruitment. These are full of the proverbial TLAs (three letter acronyms) that we all so dread. And of course when given the slightest encouragement networking candidates will take huge pride in regaling tales about the umpteen networks which they have either designed or implemented during their careers.  Their CVs are right up there in a league of their own when it comes to being plastered with complex IT jargon. Every large corporation will, at its core, rely on a sound, stable network architecture whether in a times of recession or boom. And for this reason network specialists will never truly fall out of favour. In this course you are going to gain a complete primer on networking technology so that you can talk the talk when recruiting specialists in this area.



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Section 1Modules
Lecture 2A sea of acronyms demystified
Lecture 3Scale of networks: LAN, WAN, CAN and MAN
Lecture 4Understanding transmission medium
Lecture 5Working with fibre, copper and wireless
Lecture 6Getting to grips with transmission terminology
Lecture 8Introduction to networking devices
Lecture 9Hubs, switches, routers and bridges
Lecture 10Introducing the networking roles
Lecture 11Duties of a Network Architect
Lecture 12What to look for on their CVs
Lecture 13Duties of a Network Engineer
Lecture 14What to look for on their CVs
Lecture 15Duties of a Network Administrator
Lecture 16Supporting Edge technology
Lecture 17What to look for on their CVs
Lecture 18Introducing the world of Helpdesk and Support
Lecture 19Duties of a Systems Administrator in detail
Lecture 20Difference between Windows and Linux administration
Lecture 21Interview questions for a SysAdmin
Lecture 22Automation and DevOps impact on the SysAdmin role
Lecture 23Helpdesk: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th line support
Lecture 24The duties, skills and qualifications at each level
Lecture 25Introducing the Ethical Hacker role
Lecture 26Certification

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